Compact Signatory MIT Adds Open-Access Fund
Sunday, June 13, 2010 at 06:38PM

MIT, one of the founding signatories of the Compact for Open-Access Publishing Equity, has announced the availability of funds for underwriting open-access publication fees in accordance with the Compact. The announcement states

The MIT Libraries have established a special fund, the MIT Open Access Article Publication Subvention Fund (OAAPSF), to support equity in open-access publication by providing funding to MIT authors who might not otherwise be able to cover publication fees. A subsidy of up to $1,000 per article is now available to faculty authors publishing in eligible journals.

The fund was created as a result of MIT’s commitment to the “Compact for Open-Access Publishing Equity,” launched with four other founding universities last September. The goal of the compact is to allow subscription-based journals and open-access journals to compete on a more level playing field by providing equitable support for the processing-fee business model for open-access journals. 

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