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COPE Announces Individual and Institutional Supporters

We are pleased to announce our first slate of individual and institutional supporters of the Compact for Open-Access Publishing Equity, who have endorsed the Compact and encourage universities to become signatories. These supporters include heads of preeminent scholarly organizations, leaders of the open-access movement, and farsighted scholars, including over a dozen Nobel-prize-winning scientists. In addition, a range of institutions — including funding agencies, publishers and publisher associations, and other non-profits — have expressed their support for the Compact. A full list of the current supporters is provided below.

We urge other thought leaders from throughout the academic, funding, and policy worlds to lend their support to this important effort by adding their names and their organization's endorsement to the Compact. To add your support, contact COPE through the web site.

The Compact for Open-Access Publishing Equity states a commitment to provide equitable support for an alternative business model for scholarly journals, in which universities and funders pay directly for publisher services rather than for access to articles, enabling access to be freely available to anyone. Open-access journals have already proved their efficacy, but to provide a sustainable business model for such journals, universities need to do their part in committing to their success, as signified by the Compact.

Individual Supporters

Affiliations are presented for identification purposes only. (Nobelists are marked by a medal icon.)

Organizational Supporters

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