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University of Utah is First COPE Signer of 2012

[Reprinted from the University of Utah announcement]

Open-access to Scholarly Publishing More Available Than Ever    

Joining an international group of academic and research institutions, the University of Utah’s J. Willard Marriott Library is becoming a signatory to the Compact for Open-Access Publishing Equity (COPE). The goal of the compact is to make it easier for researchers to publish articles through open-access journals, which are available online at no charge to readers.

Open-access journals provide scholarly articles with no subscription fees or restrictions on access. Open access is growing in popularity as a venue for publishing research. Providing the same services available through traditional scholarly journals, such as a peer-review process, filtering, production and distribution, open-access journals allow a wider audience to access scholarly articles than ever before.

To eliminate obstacles to publication, institutions that sign on to COPE are committed to underwriting article-processing charges for articles written by their faculty and accepted for publication to fee-based open access journals.

“Supporting our scholars in publishing with open access titles has the potential to disseminate their scholarship to a larger audience than subscription-­‐based journals. Institutions and individuals that cannot afford subscriptions can access the materials without cost barriers,” says Joyce Ogburn, Dean of the Marriott Library and the University Librarian for the University of Utah. “Through open access publishing, the university’s cutting-­‐edge, high quality research can be shared with a global audience.” 

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